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The Founder


Silvia McDougall

Designing clothes is my creative outlet and captures how I see the world around me. When my son was born, I realized that I wanted to teach him that dreams are possible and imagination should be cultivated. I wanted to guide him to strive for greatness. The biggest challenge for me was taking the first step and having the courage to believe in myself. It’s scary to think how big this challenge is, but what keeps me focused and moving forward is knowing that my son is watching me live my dream, and him knowing that he can do it too.

In October 2017, I made a yellow coat for my son, and many people loved it and suggested I make more baby clothes. The catalyst to Lemon Butter was when my son was playing with some colourful foam blocks, and I thought how pretty they would be on a sweater! I realized I wanted to make what didn’t exist for my son: modern classic clothing inspired by the 1950’s.

Yellow Jacket

After three years of designing clothes and researching the fashion industry, Lemon Butter Babies was born. The name ‘Lemon’ portrays our classic and colorful designs and ‘Butter’ for the soft fabrics used in our clothing.


The logo represents our philosophy: Your Children. Their Dreams. Our Future. The infinity leaf and lemon loop stand for infinite possibilities of our children’s dreams and sustainability which is a big part of our children’s future.

My mission for Lemon Butter is to dress dreamers of tomorrow with love. 


Silvia M.
Founder & CEO

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