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Sustainable Clothing: Buy Better, Buy Less.

Since Lemon Butter Babies was launched, our guiding principle has been made up into 3 words that describes our passion for beautiful clothing: quality, style, and sustainable. It is our conviction that beautiful clothing can be design with sustainability.

With today socioeconomic and environmental concerns, there has never been a greater need to address and taught to our children. It begins by challenging consumerism and putting stock into quality over quality. We aim to cultivate slow living and by extension slow fashion; where buying quality over quantity is a better choice. LESS IS MORE.


My stance with quality begins by choosing long lasting fabrics that can withstand children’s play, careful construction to minimize wear and tear, and lastly, thoughtful design for timeless clothing beautiful clothing that is soft and comfortable to wear for every treasured moment. It’s hard for a small business to do large volumes, so we produce in small batches using leftover materials. While In season colors or eco friendly materials may not always be available, the best that a small business can do it to take advantage and make do with what is given.  We believe in using natural materials as much as possible as it is soft and gentle for your baby and the planet.


Blara Organic House (Suzhou Dong Lin Tai Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Branch).

It has been a journey since our launch date of March 2020. A journey of hiccups but also a journey full of relationship building, community and growth. It has been slow, but intentionally slow as it is important that my clothing is done right.

After months of searching and trialing with manufacturers from around world, I finally met the right one. When I had learned of their vision, I knew they would be a good fit. Blara House Organic is a boutique brand in Vancouver and a manufacturer in China. Their vision was founded by a mother who’s inspired by her daughter’s kindness and ingenious thoughts towards environmental concerns and has set a goal of making the future an environmentally friendly place.  Since 2016, Blara Organic House has paved the way with their sustainable practices in the industry. Among their many certifications, you will find GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and SGS (Standard Global Services for quality and integrity) to ensure their highest values in sustainability are being met.

We are very pleased to be working with Blara Organic House to build a better and greener future for our children.


We are mindful in minimizing our carbon footprint as much as possible. We make our clothing in small batches and use eco-friendly, compostable packaging. We’re not perfect, but we strive to be better for the future of our children.

Heirloom Quality:

Quality clothing is also included in the concept of sustainability – this concept is also known as slow fashion or capsule wardrobe. When our pieces are cared for with love it will extend the garments lifecycle and can be passed down from child to child, thus minimizing its likelihood of being thrown in the landfill. The concept of slow fashion is to consume less, where your wardrobe consists of timeless pieces that can be coordinated throughout the seasons. This concept was created to counterbalance the concerns of waste and pollution from the fast fashion industry.

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