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Silvia McDougall

I launched Lemon Butter Babies at the start of a pandemic, it has been a fulfilling journey and I am so grateful for the community supporting my dream. My collections are small; making pieces slowly as it suits the nature of our small business and me as a full-time mother to two young children.

I believe in slowing down with your children and reconnecting back to the good old days of simple joys with nature and each other. Life for our children is about connection, comfort and love. 

My goal is to make clothing beautiful for your baby and our planet. My designs celebrates the essence of children and are thoughtfully constructed to ensure comfort. I truly believe in teaching children to respect the clothing they wear and expressing their unique beautiful self.

Thank you for believing in me. Because of you, I have the courage to keep going and believe that I can start a business in the slow fashion niche.


Yellow Jacket



The name and lemon logo represents the essence of children and their infinite possibilities (the infinity leaf). I believe our children are the key to to a beautiful future.

"Your children and their dreams, is our future." Here's to dressing dreamers of tomorrow with love.



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