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Your Children. Their Dreams. Our Future.

Lemon Butter Babies is a sustainable clothing brand for children.

Our vision is to capture children's dreams in our designs– the wonderment, exploration, and imagination. We want to raise leaders of tomorrow by cultivating their dreams and helping them realize their potential so we can all leave a positive impact on the world. Our children are our future.

Our mission is to dress dreamers of tomorrow with love.

Our Recipe

Lemon Butter Babies embodies lady-like and gentlemen fashion. We create timeless fashion inspired by the 1950s, for boys and girls, with practicality and comfort in mind. Each collection will tell a story of the inspiration it came from.

We use premium sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO-TEX®certified textiles, natural fabrics, and recycled textiles. Incorporating excellent fit and growth systems ensure the clothing is made to last and will be perfect as hand-me-downs.

Our clothing and accessories are sustainably and ethically made to support local businesses and ensure fair-trade practices. We have a zero-waste policy by upcycling fabrics into other clothing and accessories. We recycle non-usable textiles, fabrics, and waste to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

See our Sustainability sections for more information on our sustainability practices.

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