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How to Transition from Summer to Back-to-School

Going back to school may seem challenging for children after having fun all summer long. With school approaching, your little ones need to get back into a good routine that will allow them to do their best at school. As a parent, it may be overwhelming when thinking about everything that needs to be done to keep your kids ready for back to school. Not to worry, because there are many schedule and routine ideas in this blog post to make an easy transition from summer to back-to-school. Get your kids prepared and excited for back-to-school! Schedule ideas for back-to-school


1. Weekly Calendar

An easy way to get the whole family on track is to have a weekly planner if you don’t have one already. Make sure the planner is visible for everyone, so it is a great idea to place it at eye level so your children can read what the schedule is for the week. Having your kids involved not only helps them understand how the week will look, but also teaches them about organization and planning. How great is that?
To get your kids involved, include them in writing the events, appointments, or to-dos; also try using more visual elements, such as drawings or stickers. You may also like to have a school specific calendar. This way, your kids will stay on track with their homework. Most importantly, try to make it fun!


2. Use a To-Do List

As a parent, it can also be nice to have a personal list separate from the children or the family. Maybe you have a list written on scrap paper or on your phone. Having a nice To-Do list that is fun to look at will make it easier to keep organized and motivated to stay on top of your daily and weekly tasks.


3. Reward charts

To get your child into a more structured routine in preparation for back to school, you can try a reward chart. A reward chart is a great tool to motivate kids to do something they don’t normally like to do, or to try something new. This chart is great to motivate them to read, play music, or even spend time outside away from the screen. The reward chart is also great for completing tasks, such as brushing their teeth in the morning or before bed. When they complete a task, add a fun sticker to the chart. Then, at the end of the week they can be rewarded in a reasonable way that keeps them motivated!


4. Morning and night routine

Is it a challenge at times to get your kid to follow a schedule during the school year? A great way to prepare your little ones for a more structured schedule during the school year is to introduce a bedtime or morning routine during the summer, to make it easier for them when they return to school. After dinner time, it’s a great idea to have time for them to play outside or another way to tired them out, before beginning the bedtime routine. Encouraging them with their favorite story, for example, will motivate them to want to complete their bedtime routine.

The morning routine is just as important to give them a healthy schedule and also prepare them for back-to-school. Morning routines can be fun! Try putting on some happy tunes to get the kids motivated for the day. Another good idea is to keep them morning routine in a place where they will see it when they start their day. Try placing it in the upstairs hallway near the bedrooms, or on the bathroom or bedroom door. Once you find a morning or night routine that works for you and your family, you will feel much more relaxed and prepared for the school year.


Would you like to make a personal weekly calendar, reward chart or day or night routine?

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